Do you always watch for the longest day of the year and then miss it?

Where I live summer is indeed the best part of the year (but isn’t it everywhere?), particularly if you define it broadly as most of the period of summer saving time. Even though as a teenager I tried to be original and claimed not to like summer too much, that was only because teenagers are famously stupid and I was no exception because – what’s not to love about summer? I guess, maybe bugs, hot stuffiness and sweaty people on buses, but there’s so much more to love. Like these Five Best Things About Summer (as creative a title as they get):

1. Gloriously long days! From fall to mid-spring when I return from work and eat dinner it’s the middle of the night and all I can do is slump in front of the screen and watch TV shows. True, I’ve seen a lot of good TV this way, but I prefer to be able to read some Arnheim and work on posters and then clean the basement… well, okay, I don’t necessarily prefer that but I love having options.

2. Summer reading. I don’t know why but almost every book reads better in sunshine. When it’s bright outside I visualize better and recall scenes from books later almost as if they were movies. Of course, it fits especially well with stories happening in summer.

3. Berries. All sorts of them: strawberries, blueberries, raspberries. And also currants, despite their misleading name, and cherries – but not so much gooseberries. On a related note, I love how eating greens stops being a chore and happens naturally because, unfortunately, I’m the kind of person who has to remind herself to add a salad to dinner. In summer, I hardly ever bother.

4. Also, ice-cream. Particularly with berries.

5. Walks in the woods – where everything is green and smells of summer and invites you to touch it and makes you realize that a genius invented the word lush because it describes the woods perfectly with its very sound.

Bonus 6, because there always has to be that extra one. Meetings with friends when the afternoons and evenings are long and everybody seems to have more time.

I probably write affirmative pieces too rarely but this is it, as affirmative as anybody could ask (nobody asked though). I’d ask what you love about summer but then no one would answer and it would just look silly.



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