Swamped, Swamped, Swamped

I’m still so so swamped but it’s a truth universally acknowledged that the more work you have, the more distractions you will find (blogging being one of them, I guess). So here’s a list of my recent distractions (delivered in a blatant effort not to get down to drawing graphs).

Music: Zaz. It’s rare that I find French music that I enjoy and the more I treasure those finds. I listen to her and imagine myself in Paris. Miss you, Paris.

Film: Comte d’été by Rohmer. Back in my pretentious high school phase when I watched movies without a plot I really liked Rohmer. Now I’m watching him for French practice (because every now and then I catch a snippet like “How was the water?” and “Would you like the check” and it makes me feel so accomplished; seriously, my French still sucks) but I like how, well, French he is and his realistic portrayal of people when they speak undecipherable nonsense. It looks very realistic. But I’m only watching 10 minutes at a time.

Book: The Diamond Age by Stephenson. I read it once already but in a rushed way and now I’m savoring it more. I took a short break from Shakespeare.

Universe: Marvel Universe. We’re going through a new Marvel phase these days, because we have bought not one but two Marvel board games and additionally I’ve developed an addiction to Marvel Puzzle Quest: Stealing Your Time Three Minutes at a Time (TM).

Ugh, back to graphs.



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