Rotten Tomatoes

Of Space Cowboys and Agents

It’s Friday procrastination time! I’m working on an illustration and intending to work on other exciting things (like a list of files! the thrill!) so I took a short break to post about something that could take a longer post some day, or a couple of those. Today it’s just a glimpse though. So. Let’s talk about Joss Whedon.

I’m a Joss Whedon fan with reservations. To give you a better idea about these reservations, here’s a hierarchy of his work that I’ve seen, from what I find great to the not-so-great.

  1. Firefly (and Serenity) is pretty much a perfect gem: maybe because it was cut too short with no time to ruin it with puppet shows (I’m speaking of you, Angel). I will for sure write more about it once we re-watch it again.
  2. Angel was actually my first insight into the Whedonverse (yes, I just used this word). Of course, I knew Buffy existed but I thought it kind of stupid. I glimpsed an episode of Angel by accident and got sucked into obsequious fandom for years: it was only the fifth season that freed me (puppet shows…). I’m not sure I could actually re-watch all of Angel now but I used to list it as my favorite show for so long and I simply loved the writing.
  3. The Amazing X-men (the comic), one of better things in the X-men franchise, of which I’m disturbingly well-aware. Unlike many other writers, Whedon actually played with the personalities of the characters. I didn’t even mind the aliens.
  4. Buffy the Vampire Slayer, good show once you accept its style but ran too long getting into all sorts of hurdles (worst of all: Riley). (I also saw the movie but refrain from grading it. It did have Luke Perry though and back then I still thought it a good thing.)
  5. Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. It’s a potential gem – what with combining Marvel universe with Whedon – but only started realizing a fraction of that potential towards the end of the first season. It could have better banter and more interesting characters but it’s slowly getting there, I hope.
  6. The Avengers disappointed me. Unlike most other fans, I guess, I felt there was too much action and too little character build-up. It was passable entertainment but I’d expected it to be so much more.
  7. Dollhouse, also known as Whedonloo (okay, I did not just do that). I waited and waited for that show because it couldn’t possibly be bad after Buffy and Firefly but guess what, it was. I gave up after the second episode of the second season so I don’t know if it got any better but I’m guessing not much. A disappointment unless you’re a stalker-level fan of Dushku.

So there goes my surely-divisive list of Whedon creations. I know there are a few other things, including a Shakespeare movie (they will let Whedon do anything these days, won’t they?) but I’ve yet to watch those.

Aaaand back to work.



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