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Wildly Enthusiastic Review: Vampire the Masquerade

Don’t get used to it but I have so many ideas for the reviews that I might be posting a few more than I planned at first. I’m sure it will even out in the end. So, today bare your fangs for

er-vampirethemasqueradeVampire the Masquerade

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What it is:
Tabletop role-playing game about vampires. In the world of the game vampires live secretly among humans, feeding on them, playing political games, amusing themselves but, above all, maintaining the masquerade or the secrecy of their existence. Vampires are separated into clans with vastly different abilities, goals and role-playing potential. You create your custom character and engage in whatever stories the game master comes up with. The way we play it in our group, the story takes place in London, which our gang of misfits from different clans (incompetently) tries to take over. More or less.

How I found it:
Actually I first found out about tabletop RPGs in college (yep, I’m only mid-level nerd) when my friend A lent me Vampire manual. I was so excited! It looked just like something I would love to try. But A told me women didn’t play RPGs, which I’d found out later, and suspected all along, was a blatant lie. Aaaaaanyways, the joke’s on all of us, I guess, because A is now the venerable game master of our group, which, except for me, also includes his lovely wife, Z. Oh, quite independently of that I also played two parts of the computer game, but live version is better (I still loved that computer game back then).

Summary judgment:
It’s so much fun! So much.

Best things about it:
How much fun it is. You get to play make-believe as a half-respectable adult, to socialize and act silly. You also get to act completely out of your own character and the more the character you play differs from you, the more fun you’re likely to have (or I am, anyway).

Worst things about it:
How hard it is to fit sessions into our schedules, especially that it takes so much work for the game master that he’s not too hasty with the new episodes. In other words, the worst thing is how we don’t get to play enough.

Other pluses:
It’s like a custom-made TV show with the kind of drama you like. We, for instance, are not too big on fighting, so we mostly focus on incompetent intrigues and even more incompetent rescue missions. If I haven’t made it clear enough, we’re not that great players but what we lack in ingenuity we make up in enthusiasm.

Other minuses:
You need the right group of people for this to work, especially if you’re not extraverted by nature. I can’t imagine myself joining up with a group of strangers and relaxing enough to really enjoy the experience but I’m sure that also works for some people. Peculiar and curious people they must be, but still.

How it enriched my life:
It made it so much more fun. It also made me think about the construction of the story etc., etc. but mostly it’s a great way to spend a night.

Fun fact:
The last session we had I decided my character will open a French techno night club. So A prepared a playlist of French techno and we listened to it all evening long in the background. You know what, it fades back soon enough. It was possibly the most fun session ever, music notwithstanding.

VtM was our first RPG but now we are venturing into other genres and themes and have started more games already.

Recommended for:
Obviously, vampire lore lovers. People who are not overwhelmingly shy (some shyness is okay), who want to shed the limitations of their personalities in fun space and who have at least two good friends they can do this with. Or people who like to act silly but can still follow and add to a coherent story as they do it.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Next time: Ghost in the Shell



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