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Mildly Enthusiastic Review: Ghost in the Shell

er-ghostintheshellGhost in the Shell (2017)

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What it is:
The 2017 adaptation of the Japanese story that was already comics, an anime show and an animated movie. Now, I will be a slightly incompetent recapper because I only know the movie but it tells a story of a near(?)-future Japan, where experiments are made to transfer human consciousness into extremely high-tech robot bodies. Major is the first success (more or less) and works for a security agency, slowly developing doubts about her past and present. Told you it would be imperfect.

How I found it:
It was on all the billboards, of course. But mostly R really wanted to see it and so we left the son with my mom and went for a morning screening.

Summary judgment:
It was better than I’d expected.

Best things about it:
I liked the image of the city: its colors, noise, messiness and how it would give you true sensory overload. It was quite believable and yet very tastefully fabricated.

Worst things about it:
No, not the whitewashing – I don’t feel competent to discuss that. Actually, I disliked the action elements: shootings and explosions and the grand finale in the temple completely lost me.

Other pluses:
I liked the cast, even Scarlett Johansson, who’s normally not my favorite (I know you disagree, please don’t try to convince me, it’s useless). I was impressed with how she was not shown in an overly sexual way (plus, I really liked her hair). I also liked the visual side of the story: how everything was consistent and yet split into different visual landscapes – city streets, business offices, people’s homes, all had their distinct flavors.

Other minuses:
Did I mention the shooting and the explosions? Yep, that. But also I felt there were maybe too many characters and so some didn’t get anything at all to do and some didn’t get enough time for their stories to develop. Also, I’m so over corporations as villains, it’s such an obvious solution.

How it enriched my life:
I add the city from the movie to my list of inspiring portrayals of cities in science-fiction. But also, it was great fun to go out in the morning, have popcorn in the theater and then coffee, all before getting down to daily duties.

Fun fact:
So that animated movie I mentioned? I saw it once but I barely grasped what it was about and I think I was falling asleep as I was watching. So now that you know, you may disagree with me with even more vehemence, if you feel so inclined.

I don’t really feel encouraged to learn more about the franchise so I think for now this is where it stops.

Recommended for:
People tangentially interested in (any of) the originals, people who like their action movies with one or two thoughts on the side or people who are fascinated by the idea of living in a robot body. But especially Johansson’s fans, which was pretty obvious, I suppose.

★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆

Next time: Regency Love



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