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Mildly Enthusiastic Review: Younger

So far these reviews have showed you a slightly untrue version of me. As untrue as, say, a 40-year-old pretending to be 26? No, not like that, but still I didn’t review a single TV show and it’s really TV shows that take up most of my cultural interests (after books, I guess). However, you caught me at a special time when after a 2-month detox I stopped watching TV shows for a while. However, I got back to Younger as an ironing show (very much a thing for me) and in the middle of the second season started watching the rest without any ironing as an excuse.

er-youngerYounger (seasons 1–3)

Category: TV shows

Find it on: Amazon, as streaming TV. S1 | S2 | S3

What it is:
A really, really silly (but fun) show about a woman who gets a divorce and starts looking for a job in publishing. When no one wants to hire a 40-year-old, she pretends to be 26 and, of course, gets hired immediately (in the most non-toxic publishing house on the screen). She starts leading a double life, fitting almost seamlessly into her new identity because she’s that young at heart. It’s produced by Darren Star, of Sex and the City fame and some of it carries. (This pun was so unintended. Not sorry though.)

How I found it:
I remembered it had good reviews and it sounded like something you don’t need to pay much attention to while it’s on so, in other words, a perfect show to watch while ironing.

Summary judgment:
It’s a TV bubble gum, only better because I don’t really like bubble gum and I enjoy this show a lot.

Best things about it:
It’s fun, light-hearted and prettily shot. The interiors and the actors look good and the emotional drama is enough to keep you interested without really getting you down. And yes, there’s space in everyone’s life for exactly this kind of a show. And, as you may expect from the guy who brought you Carrie Bradshaw, clothes are awesome sometimes.

Worst things about it:
The premise is totally unbelievable. Sometimes it actually adds to the fun but sometimes it forces the writers to employ desperate measures to avoid the whole secret unraveling. Like, spoiler, when Thad gets killed by a metal-beam-ex-machina at the end of season 2? Almost made me stop watching. (Only it didn’t.)

Other pluses:
I like that it avoids any obvious villains (except for comic relief) and that Hillary Duff’s character is actually a friend not a rival, as one would expect her to be when she first appears. The writers make female friendship very much a theme and that’s good.
I really like Charles. I don’t like Liza all that much but I think I still ship them. It’s the “will they, won’t they” that really keeps me interested but I’m just this predictable kind of viewer.
I also really like these sitcommy, 20-minute-long chunks of my casual TV because I can always squeeze an episode into my busy day.

Other minuses:
The music is awful. It tries so hard to be young and fresh – and what do I know, maybe it is – but I just find it grating.

How it enriched my life:
It made a lot of ironing (even more) fun and relaxed me. I also learned some (probably inaccurate) things about 20-something New Yorkers.

Fun fact:
It’s probably not so much fun but this show has been a wedge that broke my resolution and since I watched it, I’ve gotten back to watching some TV (significantly less than before though).

I will be watching season 4 to see who learns the truth at the end of it. There are only really about two people left who don’t know in all of New York.

Recommended for:
People who want to watch something easy and relaxing and are not bothered by obvious holes in the story but can instead focus on pretty clothes and mildly funny jokes.

★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

Next time: IKEA



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