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Mildly Enthusiastic Review: Inhuman Condition

I have graduated from vlog adaptations of classic literature to a web series with an actually original story:

er-inhumanconditionInhuman Condition by KindaTV

Category: Web series

Find it on: YouTube

What it is:
An urban fantasy web series. In this world supernatural creatures are out and the public is not happy, imposing all sorts of regulations against them. The main protagonist is a psychotherapist who tries to help three young supernaturals: a werewolf, a zombie and, maybe, a god and becomes more and more involved in their personal problems and in social tensions.

How I found it:
As one of my background shows I watched Carmilla (without great enthusiasm, though) and checked what else the production company had available. I mostly liked the title but I’m not that demanding when it comes to web series anyway so I started watching and was surprised by its quality.

Summary judgment:
This show quite surprised me with its professionalism and I really wanted to find out how it ended.

Best things about it:
The acting is pretty good and I found the world of the story quite convincing.
It’s like a well thought-out short story in the supernatural genre and I’m impressed with how all the threads were neatly tied towards the end.

Worst things about it:
I guess it might be a bit depressing when you think about some of the themes but it didn’t bother me and I’m generally sensitive to such things. In other words, you should be fine.

Other pluses:
I really enjoyed Tamar’s story (even if the traitorous lover was stolen from Orphan Black). The other two patients were also very convincing in their actually-very-human stories.
I guess the metaphor is a bit heavy-handed and you know I’m not a fan of those but it didn’t bother me enough to take away from my pleasure in the story and that is an achievement by itself.

Other minuses:
I’ll be honest – with the way I watch these things, just with the corner of my eye and mostly listening to the dialogs I don’t feel qualified to judge many aspects of the shows which would actually require careful watching so I’ll say: none.

How it enriched my life:
It made a busy Saturday way more fun.

Fun fact:
I was actually happy to have a ton of work on Saturday once I started watching the show because it gave me a chance to finish the whole series.

I would watch season 2 if they ever made it. For now I will give another KindaTV show a chance.

Recommended for:
Any genre TV fan, really.

★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆

Next time: The Hunchback of Notre Dame



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