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Mildly Enthusiastic Review: 10 Things I Hate About You

I caught a mild cold last week but I needed to get well quickly and not to pass it on to my son, so I spent a few days in bed, not working and watching bad stuff. I’m not gonna lie to you: it was fun. Totally worth the sore throat. One of the things I watched, and possibly even the best one (which should tell you something), was

er-10thingsihateaboutyou10 Things I Hate about You

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What it is:
A 1999 high school drama / romantic comedy starring Julia Stiles and Heath Ledger. But wait! It’s based on Shakespeare so it can’t be totally worthless, right? Weeeeell. It reinterprets The Taming of the Shrew, placing the two sisters and their suitors in high school – a move I always approve of (but that’s just me).

How I found it:
I knew it was a thing that existed. I never felt much need to watch it before.

Summary judgment:
I enjoyed it much more than I expected to but I still cringed every now and then.

Best things about it:
This movie possesses a surprising amount of charm, most of it owed to Ledger’s performance. He radiates warmth (to such an extent that he doesn’t really sell the badass he’s supposed to be at the beginning) like a playful, hunky puppy. What.

Worst things about it:
It includes quite a few cringeworthy scenes (though, to be honest, so does the original), two of which bother me immensely, for completely different reasons. The lightweight is Heath Ledger singing on the sports field. I know you need to swallow some saccharine and cheese when watching a high school romantic comedy but this exceeded my tolerance. But I have a real problem with the party sequence and the drunk girl Patrick just passes on to the next guy, which is played for laughs. I guess we should be glad the cultural sensitivity moved on and we may now recognize it for what it is? Namely, not a joke.

Other pluses:
The contrived story manages to make some degree of sense and, arguably, more so than the original? With the father being an obstetrician and Kat rejecting high school culture, their motivations make sense.
At first I was worried they would be dropping Shakespeare-like sentences left and right but they showed uncharacteristic restraint and only did it half a dozen times or so.
I liked some of the music (and all of it places the movie in a very specific moment of history).

Other minuses:
Other cringe-inducing things include many failed attempts at humor and general cutesy-ness (see the detention scene. And others. So many.).

How it enriched my life:
It made my sick day more fun. I also felt obliged to reread the plot of The Taming of the Shrew and I’m sure one day I will remember the names of all the characters of this play.

Fun fact:
Apparently the cast had a lot of fun working on the movie and all became best friends (it’s an IMDb kind of fun fact, sorry). You can tell some of it because the whole movie has a very lighthearted atmosphere, which often feels unforced (though sometimes it really, really doesn’t).
Another thing: The Taming of the Shrew is awful, right? I know you can justify anything that’s old enough, especially written by a venerable author, but it’s plain awful.

I can tell you what similar thing I’ll be reviewing next (some time next) because I’ve already watched it: Cruel Intentions. But I can’t think of more movies of the kind to watch.

Recommended for:
This is unsurprising: fans of lighthearted romantic high school comedies and/or Heath Ledger. Not necessarily for Shakespeare buffs.

★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆

Next time: Continuing the theme, High School Drama



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