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Wildly Enthusiastic Review: Orphan Black

I have so far watched three seasons of Orphan Black, with varying levels of enthusiasm, and before watching the last two I’ve decided to re-watch the beginning. So today I’m sharing my thoughts on season one, but bear in mind that while they might be colored by my knowledge of seasons two and three I know nothing yet about the further developments in the show.

er-orphanblack1Orphan Black (season 1)

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What it is:
A mildly science-fiction show about Sarah Manning, who accidentally discovers that women identical to her exist, precisely – that they are her clones. They become increasingly involved with one another as they try to discover the truth about their origins and about the many dangers they face. The show stars Tatiana Maslany, who does wonders playing all the clones in all their differences. As if that wasn’t marvellous enough, she also gets to play clones who pretend to be other clones and wow, is she amazing. Sometimes you forget it’s the same actress all along. The first season focuses on discovering variants of Sarah and on their private lives and as such is, so far, my favorite.

How I found it:
Back when was a good website I was mildly addicted to it and when they started promoting Orphan Black (which the fans of the show requested), I decided to check it out. And boy, was I hooked. I watched the first season within two or three days and loved every minute of it.

Summary judgment:
This is one of the all time great first seasons of TV shows, no matter how many times I watch it.

Best things about it:
Sarah: she’s a great protagonist, a determined survivor with a soft side and a strong loyalty, firmly keeping us on her side throughout the season.
Paul: very crushable, even when he’s shady. The episode in which he crashes a suburban party is my favorite.
Also, the show looks amazing, with the filtered subdued color palette and the various interiors, each evoking a different social and emotional situation (my absolute favorites are Beth’s and Felix’s apartments).

Worst things about it:
Rachel, but luckily she only appears at the end. The more of the Institute there will be, the more messy the show will become.

Other pluses:
Felix: flamboyant and lovable, the best sidekick one could hope for.
Alison: putting heart into a suburban mom cliché and possibly Maslany’s quiet tour de force.
Cosima: even though she makes irritatingly stupid decisions, in a way she’s the most relatable clone.

Other minuses:
Helena: I know that within the next two seasons she will become quite great but I never liked her in the first season.

How it enriched my life:
It’s one of my favorite seasons of TV, as said, and even during the third watch it still kept me excited about what was going to happen.

Fun fact:
It was one of quite few shows which kept me up at night binge-watching and not feeling guilty about it afterwards. The other one was the first season of True Blood – you know that the first season was good, whatever happened later.

Season 2, again. Season 3, again. Season 4. Season 5.

Recommended for:
Anyone who enjoys a well-done, exciting story with just the right balance between action/mystery and emotional moments. Actors serious about their craft, so that they can study Maslany and get depressed.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Next time: Younger, again



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