Sounds of Music

Songbook: River Waltz

I’m a sucker for triple meter, as you will have many occasions to see, I’m sure. This little pearl I found, like so many songs I like, in a movie.

“River Waltz” by Cowboy Junkies

Album: Rarities, B-Sides and Slow, Sad Waltzes

Year: 1999

Category: Recent-years favorite

Why it rocks:
It’s such an atmospheric, simple song with many things floating there, never fully realized: a bit of ecological thought, a bit of white-trashy romance, quite a bit of myth. It’s a song (and a voice) to get lost in.

Favorite lyrics:
I prefer the melody to the lyrics in this song but take the opening, for instance: “I’m going to find me a dying river / And strike a deal with her, I’ll say: / I’ll fold you in two and I’ll carry you away.”

Favorite moment:
The third verse in which the story and the melody change and it’s suddenly an imperfect love story more than a myth. Such a beautiful moment.

Best for: Imagining yourself waltzing at a very sad ball.

Side note: Cowboy Junkies is such a good band name.



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