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Mildly Enthusiastic Review: Orphan Black (S4)

As I’ve decided to possibly see Thor: Ragnarok once more, the review will show up next week and before then let’s just finish the rest of Orphan Black, shall we? Season four gets good again, too.

er-orphanblack4Orphan Black (season 4)

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What it is:
Sarah and her sisters face completely new villains (again) but at least we’re back to the scientific backbone of the story and no more forays into the military. We learn more about the background of Beth’s suicide and the stakes get raised yet again. Also, so many bugs.

How I found it:

Summary judgment:
Orphan Black gets good again – so good, at least season two good or maybe better.

Best things about it:
It’s a welcome return to form with only one Castor left and the focus back on the ethics of science. I loved Beth’s flashbacks! They really fleshed out both the character and the whole story – and allowed for showing some of the old favorites who’ve left the show. And, within the same spirit, the episode showing Sarah in her old environments and her old self-destructive habits is also strong. This gives season four some of the intimacy of season one.

Worst things about it:
The villain-an-episode routine gets a bit old. So now it’s Evie, now it’s some boring cop, now it’s another spoiler… none of them interesting. I never care about villains too much but I’m beginning to miss Leekie after two seasons of random search for someone who would stick.

Other pluses:
Unlike previously, new characters add to the story and gel well with the rest of the cast. (Mostly.) MK is cool and so is Adele. I’m not a huge fan of Krystal but Tatiana Maslany must be having fun playing her.

Other minuses:
It continues being uncomfortable to watch at times for its graphic scenes, especially those including deformed babies. I imagine for people with any particular dislike to bugs this must be even harder to watch than for a casual viewer.

How it enriched my life:
I spent an exciting Sunday binge-watching the whole thing.

Fun fact:
When I choose an outfit now I wonder which clone’s style it would match the most – and it’s usually a mix of Beth and Cosima, with some Sarah thrown in. So it’s a thing now for me.

I’m so excited for season 5, and sad that it will be the last one.

Recommended for:
Fans of the show who didn’t drop it during season three (and those who did should also try returning) and don’t have entomophobia. Not for new parents, I think.

★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

Next time: The grand finale



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