Sounds of Music

Christmas Songbook: 2000 Miles

This series of posts needs to finish with my favorite Christmas song which has held this position for the last couple of years (a gooood couple of years) and hasn’t been dethroned yet. My favorite is always the song which makes me feel most Christmassy at heart and this is by far

“2000 Miles” by the Pretenders

A special badge for marking the things that continue to delight me.

Album: Learning to Crawl

Year: 1984

Category: Christmas playlist

Why it rocks:
This is not a very insightful song or one that would say anything original about Christmas but somehow, to me, it manages to contain the heartbreaking beauty of this time.

Favorite bit of lyrics:
“In these frozen and silent nights / Sometimes in a dream / You appear.”

Favorite moment:
How it fades in at the beginning and how happy it makes me when I recognize that this is the song playing.

Best for: The moment just before the Christmas Eve dinner when the guests are almost arriving, the tree is up and everyone is getting excited.

Sidenote: The Pretenders is my second-favorite band name ever (the first is the Replacements).



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