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Wildly Enthusiastic Review: Riverdale After Dark

My history with podcasts is patchy. Whenever I get interested in one, the creators undergo a personal drama and I need to look for something else (maybe that comes from listening to podcasts by married couples; podcasting seems hard on relationships). I’m also not great at finding new podcasts but I lucked out recently.

Riverdale After Dark by Comic Book Club

Category: Podcasts

Find it on: iTunes

What it is:
Three comic book specialists – and, clearly, friends – discuss new episodes of Riverdale as they come out. They recap the plot, discuss red herrings and suspects, fight about ships and choose between Betty and Veronica. And they’re hilarious while doing all that.

How I found it:
As I said, I don’t have a good way of finding podcasts yet. Recently I tried typing stuff I’m watching or reading into iTunes search and that’s exactly how I found Riverdale After Dark.

Summary judgment:
This might be my new favorite.

Best things about it:
It makes me laugh so hard. The guys are as good-humoredly disrespectful of one another as only true friends can be. But at the same time you can hear them trying to be generally respectful and decent in what they say, and not in a forced way that some podcasters have, as if they had the Department of Political Correctness listening in. They seem like a cool lot to hang out with.

Worst things about it:
How it’s limited by the number of episodes of the TV show. I  wish there were more episodes to listen to.

Other pluses:
This show keeps me bursting out laughing. It has so many great moments. I also enjoy the things they have to say about the storylines and the Archie trivia I get to learn.

Other minuses:
I don’t mind at all but I can imagine the explicit language and raunchiness of some of the jokes might be discouraging to some listeners.

How it enriched my life:
It helped me through many hours of work and, a minor gain, I also learned about various elements of Riverdale that allude to Archie Comics.

Fun fact:
I listen to the podcast on my earphones while I work and whenever I laugh out loud my husband gets really irritated. But he’s been doing exactly the same thing ever since he found another podcast he likes and I was perfectly polite about it, let me just remark.

Comic Book Club has a general podcast on comics and I might check it out but I’m afraid my comics knowledge is too spotty and far-from-current to really enjoy it. But I will listen to their Legion podcast and I’m even willing to give American Gods a chance (the TV show first, of course).

Recommended for:
Fans of Riverdale, who want to feel as if they’re discussing the show with funny friends.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Next time: Lady Audley’s Secret



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