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Mildly Enthusiastic Review: Dietland

er-dietlandDietland (S1)

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What it is:
Sometimes considered a #metoo revenge fantasy (sometimes veering that way, too), this story of overweight Plum describes her plunge into a female guerilla group Jennifer, who murders evil men (at first, anyway). But before she turns a sort-of revolutionary, Plum works for a lifestyle magazine and saves her money for a life-threatening operation to lose weight, only to slowly reject all that.

How I found it:
I got interested when I saw Margulies would be playing but didn’t love the trailer so I didn’t start watching immediately. However, after a few reviews I decided it sounded interesting.

Summary judgment:
I had fun watching it but, overall, I’m afraid I just wasted my time.

Best things about it:
Definitely Joy Nash as Plum. She’s got so much charisma she steals the screen with her one smile and, no matter how much she’s sold by the story as an ugly fatty, she’s really pretty. I hope she’ll get to play somewhere where her plus size won’t be the only qualification.
The story starts really well when it focuses on Plum and her internal struggles and the further the show goes away from her in the second half, the more characters it introduces, the less interesting it becomes.

Worst things about it:
This show needed more thought because it doesn’t know what it wants to say. Not only does it split into two parts barely hanging together: Plum’s character drama and Jennifer’s social thriller (?), but also it never gives us a clear message as to who it wants us to root for. Should we applaud the terrorist group Jennifer? Maybe, they’re likeable when we meet them and the show really wants us to feel their anger but they are still murderers.

Other pluses:
✤ I really liked the animations and the whole illustrated version of Plum. They added  necessary quirkiness but got sadly sidelined later.
✤ It managed to create a few strong moments, like when Plum emails the girls she used to anonymously advise with an open admission of who she is. But they didn’t usually go far enough.
✤ The French-looking ex-policeman has some potential for an interesting character.

Other minuses:
✤ The show sells out its background characters, not giving them enough motivation and story for us to care about. Julianna Margulies’ Kitty is the starkest example. I loved Margulies in The Good Wife, where she proved to be an incredibly mature actress with a wide range of skills. But here she merely chews the scenery and makes people kiss her boot (the latter thing literally). I’m sure she’s having fun but after 10 episodes I still don’t know if she’s supposed to be a villain, an anti-hero, a comic relief or a pretty piece of scenery.
✤ There are way too many side characters, many of which appear too late and take the time away from those we’ve already gotten interested in. Consequently, nobody’s story gets a conclusion. 10 episodes is plenty to tell a full tale but I feel Dietland barely managed to start.
✤ I really disliked the tiger thing (though if they dared to try more experimental storytelling in later episodes, maybe it would’ve paid off better).

How it enriched my life:
I enjoyed the watching experience well enough, even if it didn’t give me as much food for thought as it could’ve.

I would consider watching season two but I doubt it will happen.

Recommended for:
People who like a dose of questionable social justice in their dramas. Fans of Joy Nash or Marti Noxon.

★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆

Next time: Crooked Kingdom



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