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Songbook: All the Best

Welcome to Songbook, a new type of post where I will focus on a single song: either an all-time favorite or something currently stuck in my head. It’s a natural continuation of my two lists of favorite songs (one, two) where I didn’t get to talk enough about so many great things. Songs don’t really fit into the convention of Mildly Enthusiastic Reviews of Things so they get a new convention entirely. It’s my blog. We start with a soft cover recently suggested to me by Spotify (I love Spotify):

“All the Best” by Carla Bruni and Marianne Faithfull

Album: A l’Olympia (live)

Year: 2014

Category: New acquisition

Why it rocks:
Two lovely ladies of folk come together to sing John Prine’s song and it becomes so much better and more soulful in this peaceful, female rendition. Their voices, so, so different, sound beautifully together and double the subtle power of the song.

Favorite lyrics:
“And when I walked / Love walked with me. / And I got no hate / And I got no pride / I got so much love that I cannot hide.”
And also this: “Then you change your mind / For something else to do / And your heart gets bored with your mind and it changes you.”

Favorite moment:
When both singers come together to sing “I got so much love that I cannot hide.” Powerful.

Best for: A quiet moment of not-too-deep reflection. Old relationships that failed you.

And that’s it really, these will be fairly short and sweet. See you soon for next ones.