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Christmas Songbook: Blue Christmas

To celebrate Christmas, which is my favorite holiday bar none and I’m not ashamed to admit it, all December songbook posts will focus on, well, Christmas. Here’s a classic rendered newer:

“Blue Christmas” by the Lumineers

Album: Blue Christmas (single)

Year: 2016

Category: Christmas playlist

Why it rocks:
Don’t get me wrong, I love the Elvis version. It’s been on my Christmas playlist forever, together with a ton of other Elvis songs. But I really like the way the Lumineers do covers and this one particularly. The way he seems to force those words out talks about more heartbreak than Elvis ever intended for this song and the simple arrangement underlines the truth of the voice. It also does justice to the pretty, pretty melody of the song.

Favorite lyrics:
I like how “blue snowflakes” turn into “blue heartaches.” It makes no sense but is true to the character of the cover.

Favorite moment:
His voice on “you’ll be doooooing alright.”

Best for: Dropping exhausted after a whole day of pre-Christmas cleaning. But the closer you get to actual Christmas, the more you should switch to Elvis’ version.


Have Yourselves a Yummy Christmas

redesign-xmas2015Here I am, not gone from blogging for ever but certainly for a while. I’ve got a better explanation than usual: since September I’m a mom and it leaves little time for writing (or even – gasp – reading) and so until I arrange things better I’m doing the bare minimum. At any rate, we baked ginger cookies (see above) and made the Christmas card (likewise) so maybe things are getting back on track. At any rate, have a wonderful Christmas time and I’ll be posting whenever I can.

Celebrations, Personalness

Merry re:indeer

Books: Shakespeare Project continues with Henry VI, part 1 now (I’m so done with Lancasters and Yorks, they were both awful), but I’m also reading a rather not-so-good fantasy series and an exciting book about a strange cult in 18th century Japan.

Music: Kelly Clarkson’s Christmas album because I have no taste or shame.

Mood: Christmassy.


I thought it would be fun to write a post about all the Christmas preparations that mean one is utterly exhausted by Christmas Eve itself but I don’t have time for that, having to actually go through all those. So instead have fun during Christmas, may it be a peaceful, happy time with family and friends.


All the Merriest

This month has not been so great for writing with a lot of work and some Christmas preparations but it’s somewhat possible that the new year will be better. Or not. At any rate have yourselves wonderful Christmas full of rejoicing and reindeer games and here’s our card for this year for those of you who won’t find it in their inboxes (only because I don’t know your addresses, of course).