Green Solutions

Going Green: Introduction

To celebrate this year’s Earth Day let me introduce a new kind of post, Going Green. In today’s Google Doodle Jane Goodall talks about how everyone can effect change and I do believe it, at least to an extent. That’s why I’m going to talk about things me and my family do in our household that we hope make a small difference for the better and make the world a little cleaner.

Now, I’m no expert environmentalist and these decisions we make are common-sensical rather than scientifically proven (by us, anyway). In other words, they might not work as well as we hope they do and we might decide to modify them in time. Of course, we didn’t come up with these solutions either, just applied things other people suggest. But these are, for the most part, simple, affordable changes that shouldn’t disrupt anybody’s life too much and I hope maybe one, two – gasp – five? people might be inspired to try something similar or different but with a similar aim. That would justify all this writing for sure.

That’s why I’m starting this series despite the not-an-expert part, because ecology is important to me: at least as important as music and definitely more than movies. I thought the blog should finally reflect that. So I’ll tell you what we do and how problematic and/or expensive we find it (spoiler: usually not too much) and I hope you’ll think of your own ways to live greener (or share what you’re already doing).