Happy Easter


Best Easter wishes, may it be the time of joy, peace and sunshine for all of you.


Jealous of his Jetpack

Ah, Tom Gauld’s You’re All Just Jealous of My Jetpack came and it’s as lovely and funny as I knew it would be, plus it has material I haven’t yet seen online. I don’t have time to write more about it (or about anything else for that matter) but here’s all you need: go buy it.


It’s My Birthday

And 30th at that.

Here’s a little poster we developed for the occasion with tons of information about what I can’t do.


Despite what this suggests there are some things I can do, too, but hey, at least there’s a lot of challenge for the future. More info and details on the poster can be found on our design blog.

Frankly, I imagined myself in a different place at 30, if I thought about myself so ancient at all, but that’s not to say things are bad. I turned out to be a later bloomer in some respects but I’m actually enjoying the whole journey. And as I always considered birthdays personal holidays, I’m going to spend the day doing fun things.