Mildly Enthusiastic Reviews of Things: Anniversary

It’s been a year of writing my Mildly Enthusiastic Reviews and I must say they have really revived my interest in blogging, which I had thought dead. Maybe I just like filling in questionnaires but this form allows me to look anew both at blogging in general and at writing about things I come across. And, most of all, it works as a kind of diary of the mostly fun things I enjoy in my spare time.

Speaking of things I enjoy, if you didn’t know before how much of a friendless nerd I am, here’s something that should make the picture clear: I love making infographics. I could blame it on my work but no, I loved drawing fun graphs before I ever thought of being a designer. I think it’s either a rare or a secret hobby: I’ve basically only know of me with my yearly book summaries and that other guy from high school who did graphs of how much money he spent but, guys, that’s just weird, right?

So, here’s a short, hand-drawn (why not) summary of the last year of reviewing.


So far I’ve written 82 reviews even though I originally planned to only post once a week. But the list of unpublished reviews was growing too fast. Now, however, I’m back to the once-a-week schedule (mostly because of my not-quite-fully-myself condition).

er-merot-infographics3I’m not as huge a movie buff as this would suggest (quite the opposite) but movies just take the shortest to get to know in full. Also, just to make things clear, I don’t review everything I read. Just saying.


I tend to write about things I like, mostly because not being a student and not getting money for any of this I am not forced to finish stuff that bothers me.


I truly expected “vampire” to make it to the list and “Victorian” to end up higher but sometimes those things surprise you. That’s why infographics are so much fun.