Carrie-ing On

My schedule is crazy stuffed this week so even though I have more reviews, they are not quite finished and instead I will share a PS for this post: an illustrated celebration of Carrie’s fashion sense in Sex and the City. The whole re-watch happened actually so that I could finish this poster for the 20th anniversary of the show and it took so much more time than I expected but I had a lot of fun (that’s what passes for fun around this household, folks). You can read and see more on our design blog.



It’s My Birthday

And 30th at that.

Here’s a little poster we developed for the occasion with tons of information about what I can’t do.


Despite what this suggests there are some things I can do, too, but hey, at least there’s a lot of challenge for the future. More info and details on the poster can be found on our design blog.

Frankly, I imagined myself in a different place at 30, if I thought about myself so ancient at all, but that’s not to say things are bad. I turned out to be a later bloomer in some respects but I’m actually enjoying the whole journey. And as I always considered birthdays personal holidays, I’m going to spend the day doing fun things.