Sounds of Music

Songbook: The Holiday Song

How about we change the mood for once? While indeed I’m usually most moved by soft, heartfelt acoustic folk songs, I also like to listen to faster songs that invite more head-banging.

“The Holiday Song” by the Pixies

Album: Come On Pilgrim

Year: 1987

Category: Recent-years favorites

Why it rocks:
It’s such a rough song with just the right amount of hysteria. It has the kind of drums and guitar that I like in my rock songs and if you know me at all, you know I like scratchy vocals. The punkish energy makes this song.

Favorite bit of lyrics:
Eh, maybe “Sit right down, my wicked son / And let me tell you a story”? I have no idea what these lyrics mean except that they’re supposed to be irreverential (what with all the incest).

Favorite moment:
When the drums start up after the mild guitar intro.

Best for: Jumping up and down and making faces on a holiday.

Listen here.