Ooof, it’s crazy that I haven’t written for so long. I even have some topics to discuss.

But I’m so busy with other stuff… Oh well.


My PhD thesis is delivered to the dean’s office. It’s also guilty of having taken up most of my summer and costing me many walks in the woods (not to mention other things; like money).

I wish I could say that means more time for posting but there’s all the work I’ve been not doing because of the thesis and an unhealthily addictive fantasy series I’m devouring (I’ll try to tell you about that, at least).

Half a Success


I’ve sat through a minor bureaucratic ordeal today and now I can officially start working on my PhD – or, you know, admit officially how I’m not working on it. Also, I’d love to post a new review but I’m reading The Luminaries, have gone through one-third of it and it will take me another eighteen months to read the rest. Is this novel slow or is it slow?